My name is Craig A Clark, and I'm a senior modeller working out of the North West of the UK.​​​​​​​
I first took an interest in CGI in the early 90's when I began to dabble in programs such as Pov-ray and Poly-ray. More suited to abstract images than anything, I eventually picked up a modeller and render called Imagine. This kept me busy for a number of years before moving on again to Lightwave 3D. This proved to be the pathway in to CGI as a profession.
My career in CGI started in 2001 when I started working at a games company in Sheffield called Particle Systems, well known for their Independence War series of games. From there I went to work on the Captain Scarlet TV series at Pinewood Studios for just shy of two years. A couple of years later after working at an Arch Viz specialist, I went to work at Framestore on a couple of  film projects, before returning to the comparative tranquility of the north.
In 2014 I returned to the south to movie related work once more for almost three years at Propshop based again at Pinewood Studios. The full details of my film & TV work can be seen on my IMDB Profile page.
Presently I am again in the north working within Quarryfold Studio and it's artists, using Modo and Keyshot.
We are available to undertake any size contracts / projects.
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